Prodution/Health Safety & Environment
o To consistently strive to minimize the probability of accidents that have the potential to cause injuries, disablment, loss of life, machinery, property and damage to the environment.
o To implement effective measures to eliminate health hazards to personnel in the work environment.
o To minimize the degradation of the natural environment around our site settings, through effective control contingencies that can potentially damage our surroundings .
o To minimize undue wasetage of materials and natural resources such as water, raw materials, and other solvents required for the manufacturing of our products.
o To establish plans for the co-generation of captive power to optimize energy use in all our manufacturing units .
o To ensure compliance with all HSE related statutory laws, rules & regulations, and comply with the responsibilities towards good corporate citizenship.
o To continually educated employees on health and industrial hazards to empower them to secure their own safety, health, well being and responsibility to their environment.
o To train all employees towards best practises and methodologies and offer a work environment that is condusive to their well being at all times.