About us/Company Profile

EG Pharma is the visualization of our dream to provide World-Standard HealthCare products for all at affordable price. EG is committed towards WHO standards, quality & growth, latest technology, sheer hard work of dedicated team. EG Pharma has consistently built on its inherent strength. The Team continuously strives to consolidate the same further.

Some of our core strengths are as follows :

o Strong Manufacturing Infrastructure with modern machinery built around scenic foothills of Himalayas, having all the regulatory approvals.
o Quality, that the Industry demands and the very best that the good health needs.
o Fast Expanding Product Range producing broad product portfolio. Brands established have gained significant strength in the market.
o Customer Centric Approach and to focus that the products are made as per changing requirements. Company has fast updation and can boast of excellent customer retention and gains from repeat orders.
o Continuous focus on improvement in Manufacturing Processes has had additional improvement on productivity and product quality.
o Strong on time delivery promise, the company has always endeavored to fulfill.
o Professionally run company with a competent and highly motivated team. The EG group sees the business as a part of larger picture that improves the health, adds to quality of life and creates wealth for all its stakeholders, whether shareholders, distributors, production partners, suppliers or other associates of any kind.

EG Pharma is actively committed to good corporate governance. The Board of Directors and senior management team guides, directs, supervises and ensures that the Company performs in the best interest of its customers, investors, employees and the society. All members of the senior team at EG have extensive industry backgrounds